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Access to a Network of 9-1-1 Professionals

As part of your membership you are listed in our membership directory and can search the directory for other Public Safety Professionals in your area, and if you can't find someone in our directory, you can use our online discussion groups and forums.

Access to Online Discussion Groups and Forums
From the beginning 911Lifeline has a long established online discussion group on Yahoo and several member only forums.

Access to industry Events and Teleconferences
As part of our commitment to promoting industry best-practices we offer teleconferences and other events to our membership.

Access to our Knowledge-database

With your membership you have access to a large document library and 9-1-1 related documents and files.

Participation in Special Interest Groups and Committees
Members are encouraged to participate in the organization through special Committees and Interest Groups

Membership-Only Discounts on Training and Educational Programs

911Lifeline has partnered with various Training and Education providers to offer discounts only available to our members.‚Äč


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Individual Memberships Available

Membership Benefits

As a member of 911Lifeline you are part of a community of industry experts and professionals. Our members have a diverse background in Public Safety Communications, but share a common desire to learn, grow, and connect with other professionals.


We value our members and our business is to be here for the 9-1-1 community and for you...